The Merupuri fanlisting has been online since July 30, 2014 ♥

The fanlisting is entitled Serendipity, which means a fortunate occurrence of events by chance ♪ Merupuri revolves around themes of fate and destiny~ how two strangers from different worlds meet under a crazy set of circumstances. Aram and Airi should never have met under normal circumstances, but thanks to a twist in fate, they met and fell in love ♥

Version 1 Lovely Romance features Aram, Airi, and Jeile in a fluffy and romantic design ♥ I wanted a design with lots of hearts and flowers in themes of pinks and lavenders ☆ Aram didn't like being called cute, but I think it's safe to say everyone is super cute here ♪ The main image comes from the inset of volume 4, and the bottom image was featured on its cover.


Hino Matsuri

Merupuri: AramMerupuri: Aram & AiriMerupuri: JeileVampire KnightVampire Knight: IchiruVampire Knight: Kaname & YuukiVampire Knight: Kuran KanameVampire Knight: Yuki

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